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Sei sulla pagina 1di 3 Cerca all'interno del documento Opzione tatunashvili by the member organizations of the Georgian National Platform on the case of Archil Tatunashvili We, the organisations, members of the Georgian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Platform, express deep regret about the death of Archil Tatunashvili, a Georgian citizen, on February 23,in Tskhinvali.

We have learned from different sources that Archil Tatunashvili died as a result of violence against him and that the official explanation of the events issued by the de facto authorities in Tskhinvali is far from reality.

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The civil society is deeply concerned over the escalation of the situation. We believe that the body of the deceased Archil Tatunashvili should be immediately opzione tatunashvili over to his family in order to deescalate tensions. Any further delay in this process may aggravate the situation and risk causing uncontrolled processes, which is in the interest of the occupation regime, but not the population under the rule of this regime.

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We call on the Russian Federation and its regime in Tskhinvali to hand over the body of the deceased Georgian citizen to his family. We also call to allow the commento sulle opzioni binarie two unlawfully detained Georgian citizens to cross the occupation line without any delay and return to their families peacefully.

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We call on the international community to enhance control and pressure over the Russian Federation to resolve the crisis. We do not trust that the occupation regime will ensure fair investigation of opzione tatunashvili case.

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The Russian Federation and its occupation regime are directly responsible for the death of a peaceful citizen, as a force exercising effective control over the territory of the former Autonomous Republic of South Ossetia. At the same time, we want to underline that the occupation rule was and will always be provocative, destructive and anti-humane, which brings damage to the societies divided by the conflict.

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We believe that peace initiatives and consistent steps should continue to the benefit of the citizens living on both sides the occupation line. Signatory Organizations: 2. European Initiative - Liberal Academy Tbilisi 3. Europe Foundation 5. World Experience for Georgia 8.

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Human Rights Centre 9. Free Choice Georgian Association "Woman in Business" Association for the Farmers' Opzione tatunashvili Defence Enterprise Innovation Development Center Local Democracy Agency Georgia Civil Society and Democracy Development Center Georgian Trade Union Confederation Railway Workers New Trade Union Association Merkuri United Public Movement "Multinational Georgia" Youth Alternative Samtskhe-Javakheti Regional Association "Toleranti" Thomas Jefferson Research Centre Peaceful and Business Caucasus Save The Future Generation Youth Union Euro Club Union "Anti-Violence Network of Georgia" Women Enterprise" Fund Georgia Teachers' Union "Education and Universe" Levan Mikeladze Foundation Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia Journalism Resource Center Young socialists of Georgia International Organization of Human Rights protection and Prisoners social welfare International Center for Civic Culture Civitas Georgica.